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About Me

I have been selling honey, beeswax bodycream and flowers since 1986. My father is a beekeeper so I grew up with bees. I have approximately 100 hives. There are more hives some years than others depending on how they fare through the winter. My hives are located in the area east of Tweed, 40 km north of Belleville. The bodycream is made from the beewax produced by my bees.

Mark Wilson, Box 816, Tweed, Ontario, K0K 3J0
email me  waxcream@gmail.com


The honey my bees produce is pure, natural and unpasteurized. Most of the honey is produced from the nectar of wild flowers that grow in our region.


Some years the honey season begins with the blooming of the Wild Raspberry. Unfortunately we rarely obtain much of this honey has the bees use it to build up their hives.

With summer on it’s way the Blueweed begins to flower. The honey from this plant is of a very light colour and delicate in flavour. Much of the first comb honey in this region comes from Blueweed.

With the arrival of summer the White Sweet Clover is in full bloom. It is our best honey producer. Its honey is a light golden colour with an excellent flavour. When it granulates it’s crystals are very fine, making an excellent crystallized honey.

As August nears Purple Loosestrife begins to bloom. Purple Loosestrife has become our second most abundant honey crop in recent years. On it own Purple Loosestrife is rather bitter but combined with Clover and Goldenrod it makes an excellent stronger tasting honey.

With the approach of fall it’s Goldenrod’s turn to mark our fields with its yellow flowers. It’s honey is darker but mild in flavour.

Once September has arrived we leave to the bees whatever honey they have collected. It will be for their nourishment and enjoyment in the long winter ahead.


My parents have been making this cream for over thirty years. I continue the tradition of using pure beeswax obtained from our bees, the finest oils and spring water in the making of this cream.


In the 31 years that I have been making beeswax bodycream, many people have commented on its efficacy in preventing and healing dry skin. This includes chapped skin and lips. Others have found it invaluable in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis. Customers have recommended it for the healing of insect bites, poison ivy, skin allergies and cold sores. Lastly, it’s great for dry cuticles, as a haircream for the ” the wet look”, lip gloss and as a base for makeup. This cream is thick so we recommend that you use it in small amounts. A little goes a long way. To use, apply at the first sign of dryness or symptoms.

Use every day or two as needed. Medically this product has not been tested. However, I can assure you that beeswax (with its wonderful antibacterial quality) and oils have been used for centuries to soothe the minor aches of humans.

Market Locations

Nathan Philips Square, Toronto, Ontario

Wednesday May 30 2018 until October
I can be found at the green star marker in front of the Public Library and Cafe on the Square.

Mel Lastman Square, North York, Toronto, Ontario

Thursday May 24 2018 until end of October.
I can be found at the spot marked by the purple star.

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